Friday, May 31, 2013

Creating a Farm Table

This is one of my favorites! i needed a bigger table and I've ALWAYS wanted a farm table.... So, I found this great tutorial on Pinterest from 

It took just a few hours and I built this amazing table! Here are some pics of the transformation!








Thursday, May 30, 2013

Change IS GOOD!

I've started a new blog with a new look... I'm a Marine Wife with 3 kids and an amazing husband... I'm a country girl at heart, born and raised in Oklahoma... We recently moved to Illinois and I've spent the past few months renovating this beautiful home we moved into... SO, I thought I'd share some pics ;) Enjoy! You can see all of my work at

I love this kitchen

 The beautiful Dining room was completely
 sanded and stripped and needed some love


My Studio... Like the dining room.. wood was bare...
I love the look the character of all the wood, but it needed some color..